Milli-Q HX 7000 High-Throughput Water Purification Systems

Milli-Q HX 7000 High-Throughput Water Purification Systems
Brand: Merck
Production of type II pure water from the main water for high water consumption applications, up to 9000 liters per day. Easy management and maintenance through an interactive touch screen which guides the operator through the steps to be taken. The built-in Milli-Q® Connect system allows remote, real-time access to equipment for diagnosing and monitoring the entire system.
- Progard pretreatment system and a reverse osmosis membrane for a final removal of up to 95% of ionic compounds and up to 99% of other contaminants.
- Equipped with the patented E.R.A. (Evolutive Reject Adjustment) that optimizes the recovery of sewage water through information on the quality of the feed water resulting in lower water consumption, a constant permeate flow (considering water with temperature between 10 ºC and 35 °C) and an increase in the lifetime of the reverse osmosis cartridge.
- Patented Elix® EDI module and UV lamp, for the production of type II water of superior and constant quality.
- Four production flow options available: 40, 80, 120 and 150 liters per hour.
- Possibility of choosing between the HC or LC option depending on the maximum values ​​of free chlorine present in the feed water (only in the 40 and 80 L / h models).
- Quality of produced water:
Resistivity at 25 ° C:> 5 MΩ.cm
TOC: ≤ 30 ppb
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