Elix® Essential Water Purification System

Elix® Essential Water Purification System
Brand: Merck
Type II water production using main water, making it the ideal system for feeding any laboratory equipment, including ultrapure water production systems. Consisting of Progard reverse osmosis pretreatment module and the patented EDI technology, which allows the production of purified water with high quality in a constant way.
- Possibility to add the germicidal UV lamp (optional accessory).
- Color display for easier check of all information about the system.
- Four production flow options: 3, 5, 10 and 15 liters per hour.
- The produced water is stored in a polyethylene tank with a filter designed to minimize the risk of contamination (check with us for different storage options).
- Being small in size, it can be installed in the most convenient location in the laboratory or under the bench.
- Quality of produced water:
Resistivity at 25 ° C: 10-15 MΩ.cm
TOC: ≤ 30 ppb
Bacteria: <10 CFU / ml (Elix® Essential UV models)
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