Mop Covers

Mop Covers
Brand: Pharmaclean
Disposable flat mop covers
Available in two variants:
  • Padded polyester/cellulose: the fabric combines the absorbent properties of a natural fibre with the low linting and strength of a synthetic thread
  • Padded 100% polyester: the fabric guarantees low particulate release and a high degree of absorption
Each piece is individually double bagged. Suitable for Bi-Mop and flat mop heads (400 x 100 mm).
Disposable monolayer mop over-covers
Polyester/cellulose single-layer mop cover; particularly suitable for protecting reusable covers. Each piece is individually double-bagged.
All covers available in the Gamma irradiated sterile version.
Polyester mop covers
100% polyester disposable mop cover with elastic, packed in a cleanroom and autoclavable.  Developed for applications that require a high absorption capacity and low particulate release. Extremely easy to fit and replace during use.
Available sizes:
  • 180 x 100 mm, particularly suitable for cleaning isolators
  • 400 x 200 mm, particularly suitable for cleaning walls, ceilings and floors
  • 60 x 400 mm, with straps for securing, ideal for cleaning grids, areas surrounding process machines and difficult-to-reach parts
Isolator tool covers
Disposable 100% polyester double-layer cover with elastic, produced and packaged in a cleanroom. Developed for isolator cleaning tools. Easy to fit and replace during cleaning operations.
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