HI83300 Multiparameter Photometer

HI83300 Multiparameter Photometer
Brand: Hanna Instruments
The HI83300 series of multi-parameter photometers consists of nine models covering a wide variety of applications. These meters are compact and versatile, making them ideal for both bench and portable use.
  • Advanced optical system - Features an innovative optical design that uses a reference detector and a focusing lens to eliminate errors due to changes in the light source and imperfections in the glass cuvette.
  • Measurement of 40 key parameters for water and water quality, with up to 73 programmed methods.
  • Absorbance Mode - Provides absorbance measurement mode for performance verification and can also be used to calculate a customized concentration versus the absorbance curve, useful for user-customized chemistry and for teaching photometry.
  • High performance pH meter that uses advanced digital pH / temperature electrodes.
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