Air Sampler MAS-100 NT Ex (Ex-Proof) for Use in Hazard Areas

Air Sampler MAS-100 NT Ex (Ex-Proof) for Use in Hazard Areas
Brand: Merck
Merck Millipore portable air samplers are the reference equipment used in critical environments due to their portability and performance.
Specially designed for ex-proof areas, the MAS-100 NT Ex has a 300-hole lid to increase air collection efficiency and can be used with standard Petri dishes (90-100 mm) or be adapted for use with contact plates (50-60 mm) increasing their flexibility of use.
MAS-100 NT Ex complies with ATEX and can be used in Zone 2 and gas groups 11A, 11B and 11C and temperature classes T1 to T4.
The air is sampled at a flow rate of 100 liters per minute and the MAS-100 NT Ex allows sampling volumes between 1 and 2000 liters per minute. The equipment has a timer up to 60 minutes which allows you to schedule a sampling of the desired area after the operators leave.
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