Laboratory Glassware Washers

Laboratory Glassware Washers
Brand: Miele Professional

Miele Professional has 50 years of experience in the production of laboratory material washing and disinfecting machines, always in collaboration with professionals from industrial and research laboratories, as well as with renowned glassware manufacturers. This collaboration allows the construction of reliable equipment that meets the daily needs of users.
In conjunction with the equipment, Miele Professional has a wide range of accessories available that help to create customized solutions for each laboratory with regard to the treatment of the glass material. The range of accessories includes upper and lower baskets, cargo trolleys and accessories for different types of glass material (e.g. injectors). With the launch of the washing and disinfection machines of the PG 85 generation, the entire load-bearing system was completely overhauled and optimized.
Miele Professional washing and disinfection machines can be connected to the demineralized water network or have a demineralizer incorporated.
In order to record the material washing data, which contributes to greater Quality Control in the laboratory, Miele Professional has the Segosoft Miele Edition registration software available.
Get in touch with us to evaluate which washing and disinfection machine best adapts to the needs of your laboratory.
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