Omnicon Zone Reader for Antibiotic Potency Testing

Omnicon Zone Reader for Antibiotic Potency Testing
Brand: BioLogics, Inc
The OMNICON Zone Reader is an image analysis system that reads inhibition halos in antibiotic potency tests. OMNICON Zone Reader allows rapid and automatic obtaining of reproducible and quantitative results of antibiotic potency, considerably reducing the time spent on these analyzes in the laboratories. OMNICON Zone Reader reads 100 mm round plates.
The OMNICON Zones of Inhibition image analysis software allows automatic diameter measurement, applies the “USP Outlier Test / Gap Test”, performs all calculations based on weight and dilution on the label indications. Regardless of the agar diffusion method used (Peni Cylinders, wells or paper) the software can read the samples with ease.
This equipment can confirm and determine the potency of 12 antibiotics in a shorter period of time than the equipment of other brands takes to analyze only 1 antibiotic. In less than 2 minutes this system builds curves, makes calculations and generates an analysis report.
Equipment and software in accordance with several standards when considering the reading of 100 mm round plates: USP, CFR, AOAC, EP, JP, BP.
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