Sterility Test Device Steritest NEO

Sterility Test Device Steritest NEO
Brand: Merck
Steritest ™ NEO devices combined with the Steritest Symbio peristaltic pump, specific accessories and high-quality culture media and rinse fluids offer an optimized testing process in accordance with USP <71>, Pharmacopoeia EU <2.6.1> and Pharmacopoeia JP <4.06>.
  • Minimized false positive results: Closed Steritest ™ NEO filtration devices reduce the risk of false positive results and avoid costly investigations and possible batch loss. There are no open containers or membrane manipulations which avoids the risk of cross contamination
  • Reduced risk of false negatives: Steritest ™ NEO filtration devices are the right answer to the danger that false negative results pose to patients. Due to specific membranes, exclusive heat-seal technology and device design, the unit allows efficient removal of bacteriostatic, fungistatic or bactericidal agents
  • Pre-installed colored clamps to avoid any filling errors with culture medium
  • Visible mark on the tube allows correct positioning on the pump head
  • Specific membrane filtration solutions for sterility tests using color codes which allow easy identification and optimized traceability
    • For products WITHOUT antimicrobial agents and for medical devices
      • The base of the blue canister has a 0.45 µm membrane of cellulose ester mixture. This membrane provides an ideal filtration flow rate for standard products
    • For antibiotics and products WITH antimicrobial agents and for medical devices
      • The base of the red canister has a 0.45 µm Durapore® PVDF membrane with low adsorption, optimized for rinsing products that inhibit microbial growth
    • For products dissolved in solvents that require greater chemical compatibility
      • The base of the green canister indicates a 0.45 µm Durapore® PVDF membrane with low adsorption and a polyamide (nylon) polymer canister, ideal for viscous products normally diluted in a sterile solvent such as isopropyl myristate
    • For transfer and dilution (Steridilutor® NEO)
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