Steristest Symbio Pump for Sterility Testing

Steristest Symbio Pump for Sterility Testing
Brand: Merck
The new Steritest Symbio pump from Merck Millipore is intended for use in sterility tests in the pharmaceutical industry.
Its new, more compact and ergonomic design allows easy and natural handling in laminar flow cabinets, isolators and clean rooms. Its automatic mechanism reduces the risk of trapping and tearing the operator's gloves and also ensures an even distribution of the sample. The position (height and angular position) of the bottle holder can be adjusted to make the equipment more comfortable to use.
The equipment has 2 pressure control modes and a color screen that allows the operator to follow the filtration process step by step in a clear way. Steritest Symbio software is easy to use and ensures reproducibility of sterility tests. This software allows you to create new tests and export them to the filtration pump quickly and easily.
The Steritest Symbio filtration pump has 3 models:
  • Steritest Symbio LFH - specially designed for use in laminar flow cabinets (vertical or horizontal);
  • Steritest Symbio ISL for use in isolators – includes a work surface, buttons designed to be sensitive to the touch with isolator gloves, easy to clean and resistant to gas decontamination;
  • Steritest Symbio FLEX – versatile model that can be installed in standard isolators or isolators in which the operator is inside (“half suit”) or in laminar flow cabinets.
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