Merck Millipore Ready-to-Use Culture Media

Merck Millipore Ready-to-Use Culture Media
Brand: Merck
Merck Millipore’s contact and settle plates have been designed for microbial monitoring on dry surfaces (such as floors, walls, textiles and work clothing in a controlled environment) and there are several products to meet your environmental monitoring needs. They can also be used in the MAS series environmental sampling system.
Prepared means available for:
  • Count of total anaerobic microorganisms: TSA and PCA;
  • Yeast and mold count: DAS, DG 18 Agar and MEA;
  • Total count of specific microorganisms.
Merck Millipore also has contact and settle plates with neutralizing agents such as lecithin, Tween 80, histidine and sodium thiosulfate for use on sanitized surfaces. These neutralizing agents are capable of inactivating a wide range of disinfectants.
  • Storage at room temperature;
  • Longer shelf life (up to 9 months after production);
  • Paperless traceability: each plate contains a bar code that identifies it
  • Plus system: RTplus plates with a lid that prevents secondary contamination during transport between the sampling site and the laboratory. The closure system with two positions, Vent and Closed, allows incubation in different environments of the same product.
Packs of 20 or 120 plates.
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