Bomba de vácuo

Bomba de vácuo Bomba de vácuo
Brand: Merck

Merck Millipore's EZ-Fluo vacuum filtration pump dispenses with the use of collection deposits and is filtered directly into the sewer. It is compact, quiet, easy to install and clean and does not need maintenance.

Other features:
- Vacuum: 600-700 mbar (according to ISO 8199)
- Sound level: 60 dB
- External dimensions (LxAxP): 17x22x20 cm
- Weight: 1.9 kg

Brand: Merck

Merck Millipore's WP622050 membrane vacuum pump features a piston design that increases its power and reduces sample filtration time, monetizing laboratory time.

It is portable equipment, which allows its use in different laboratories.

Dimensions: 18.5x22.9x25.9 cm (CxLxA)
Weight: 6.6 kg
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