Salas Limpas

Salas Limpas Salas Limpas Salas Limpas
Brand: Type Project

The development of cleanroom projects and controlled environments involves the survey of application-specific requirements. 
Once the needs of the product to be processed or controlled have been evaluated, as well as the legislation and legal recommendations in force, Type Project develops and executes cleanroom engineering projects for applications ranging from product protection, where the concern is sterility, to the protection of the environment and operator where the concern is the containment of the sample itself.

The prior definition of the layout, together with the standards in force, as well as the definition of procedures and equipment, guarantees the appropriate conditions according to the level of containment required.
Also, in our Lab2Go line, your marine container laboratory or modules allows you to extend existing facilities, create laboratories where there are no such infrastructures or the possibility of having a mobile solution to deploy anywhere.

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