Water Storage Tanks and Accessories

Water Storage Tanks and Accessories
Brand: Merck
When purified water is stored, the main concern is to maintain its quality. Merck Millipore’s polyethylene water tanks are designed to provide effective protection against air contaminants. Its conical bottom allows the total flow of water and facilitates sanitization. Type II and type III waters are used for various purposes in laboratories, for example rinsing glass material, preparing culture media, preparing buffers, feeding ultrapure water equipment, producing chemical and biochemical reagents and using purified water for pharmaceutical purposes.
  • Polyethylene structure removes extractables’ release;
  • Inner part with smooth surface to prevent biofilm formation;
  • Cylindrical shape minimizes the surface area in contact with water;
  • Hermetically closed lid prevents air from entering the tanks;
  • Compact design, taking up little space;
  • The water level in the tank is presented on the display of the water purification devices and the tank has an automatic filling sensor;
  • Ventilation filter to remove volatile organic compounds, bacteria and carbon dioxide;
  • Safety buoy;
  • Available volumes: 30, 60 and 100 liters, with different mounting possibilities.
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