Ducted Fume Hoods

Ducted Fume Hoods
Brand: Type Project
Hoods with extraction system to the outside with the following features:
- Structure in electrolytically galvanized steel sheet with epoxy / polyester electrostatic painting;
- Upper part equipped with 2 x 18 W waterproof lighting fixture with tempered glass;
- Exhaust fan with PP turbine with three-phase or single-phase motor of 0.25 HP at 1450 R.P.M. for an extraction flow of 800 m3 / h, including a tip supported with a mesh, wall support and motor protection;
- Single-phase double schuko socket with protected socket and protective cover on the front panel in the center;
- Worktop in ceramic stoneware mosaic, with peripheral anti-spill edge in the same material;
- Water and gas taps;
- Ceramic sink for dump with 150 x 150 x 100 mm properly embedded in the top, including PP siphon;
- Vertical spout for water outlet with removable tip;
- Metal furniture rotated with 2 doors.
The hoods with extraction system to the outside are also available for customization.
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