Ductless Fume Hoods

Ductless Fume Hoods
Brand: Cruma
Equipment suitable for places without access to extraction infrastructures since it doesn’t require ducts to extract gases, aerosols or particles. Its filters retain toxic products that are removed from the work area, promoting the safety of the operator and the environment.
With LCD display (127x34 mm) that provides the following information:
- Air speed;
- Types of filters installed, working hours, validity and date of the next maintenance;
- Door opening notice;
- Timer;
- Time and date.
Quiet equipment, reaching only 48 dB and with internal LED light (700-800 lux, depending on the model).
Filters available for:
- Organic vapors (Type A);
- Inorganic acid vapors (Type BE);
- Formaldehyde and similar vapors (Type F);
- Vapors of NH3 and amines (Type K);
- Compounds where the ratios of organic, inorganic and NH3 / amines are similar (Type ABEK);
- Smoke powders and particles (Type D).
There is also the possibility of installing modular filtration columns for gases and particles (Type G and Type GS) and for powders (Type D).
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