Milliflex® Quantum System

Milliflex® Quantum System

Brand: Merck
System designed by Millipore for universal rapid detection of a large group of contaminants in filterable matrices, using fluorescence-based technologies.
Millipore uses the benefit of having the Milliflex system, widely known, tested and validated for the detection of viable and cultivable microorganisms up to a limit of 1 cfu per sample, as the basis for the success of the new system.
Milliflex Quantum consists of a fluorescence detector and membrane separation accessories from the set resulting from the use of Milliflex followed by a transfer process to a card impregnated with the fluorescent reagent and by reading and counting once the new membrane/reagent-soaked set is placed in the Quantum detector. The counting can be done directly by observing the detector's reading window or, once the video camera connected to your computer is used, use the software to help count and register the membrane presentation when counting.
1 - Filtration and incubation between 24 and 48 hours
2 - Separation and transfer of the membrane using the Milliflex Quantum Membrane Transfer Tool
3 - Place the membrane in contact with the card impregnated with fluorescent reagent
4 – Placement in the Quantum detection system and exposure to a specific wavelength following fluorescent points counting
5 - If you wish to continue the incubation for further confirmation and identification of microorganisms by current methods (identification gallery, PCR, etc.), transfer the membrane back to the selective culture medium and place it in the incubator until the traditional media incubation time is completed
- The marker is not fluorescent outside the cells
- Only viable microorganisms are dyed (viability marker)
- The fluorescence reagent accumulates inside cells after cleavage by bacterial metabolism (enzymatic cleavage)
- The signal is naturally amplified by accumulation inside the body
- Simple protocol and procedures
- Easy to use
- Safe handling
- Easy validation
- Fast results in 24 - 48 hours with identification option
- Limited implementation risk
- Approximate to the conventional method
- Maintains comparability of test results
- Results in CFU
- Required additional tests reduced
- Reduced hardware involvement without the need for validation
- Low need for operator training: quick implementation for routine use

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